SWIMS Network governance and policies




Inter-library document supply and seamless borrowing

  • Standards for inter-library document supply (ILDS) – SWIMS Network mandatory policy for all members.  To be used as a supplement to the national good practice guidelines.  Last updated Sept 2023; review date July 2025.
  • Seamless borrowing – SWIMS Network mandatory policy for full members.   Last reviewed September 2023; review date June 2025.

Stock management


User records and circulation


It was agreed by the SWIMS Board in Oct 2014 that policies should have a review date of 2 years after each update, unless there is a specific reason for a different review date.

Background to the SWIMS system project

In 2003 the SWIMS shared library management system was implemented for the library services in the footprint of the then South West Workforce Development Confederations. This followed a survey of library services in 2000 which concluded that a shared region-wide system was a better option than locally implemented systems. (NHSE South West Information and Library Services Development Library Resource Management Software Project Survey Results by Valerie Trinder, Assistant Head of Information and Library Services Development, December 2000). An extensive evaluation exercise carried out in 2005 concluded that SWIMS was still fit for purpose (South West Workforce Development Confederations Knowledge Resources Development Unit: South West Information Management System (SWIMS) Project Evaluation by Stuart Benjamin, November 2005). SWIMS was later implemented by Buckinghamshire NHS libraries and then later NHS library services in the current Thames Valley footprint.

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