Wessex scheme


The Wessex Classification Scheme is a revision of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) schedules incorporating current UK medical and health practice. The scheme was originally created by the library staff of the Wessex Regional Library and Information Network (WRLIN). A group with national representation is now overseeing the scheme, including undertaking revisions.


The Wessex Classification Scheme is divided into two sections:

  1. Wessex classification – this is the classmark system that designates where on the shelves the item sits and are added to the 084 marc field.
  2. Annotated Wessex subject headings – this is a variation of MeSH subject headings – many of these have been given UK-spellings and additional subject headings have been created for terminology that is specific to the UK. These are added to the 650 marc fields.


Suggest changes

If you have a suggestion for a change to the scheme, please request it via the online form.
For general queries about the scheme please email the Wessex Classification Scheme.


Recent changes


Supporting documentation

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