Publicity and guidance for end users

The live SWIMS catalogue (Iguana) has a guide to using the SWIMS catalogue for end users – click the link ‘Guide to searching’ under the search box.

You may create your own guidance documentation on using SWIMS for your end users and make it publicly available.  However you must make it clear that it is produced by your library service and is for the users of your service.  You must not say or imply that it is written by Axiell.  If in doubt, please contact the Core Team.

In any guidance you should not refer to ‘Iguana’, but rather to ‘SWIMS’.

A poster promoting the SWIMS card was previously available for use in libraries, but after the change to the new LMS it became out-of-date in a number of respects.  During discussions with the SWIMS Board and the LKS managers in summer 2020, it was established that there was no appetite for a refresh of this poster.  In case helpful there is a promotional leaflet Your NHS Libraries Leaflet which includes a map of the region.

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