SWIMS Network Locations and HLISD


Link to HLISD: Health Libraries and Information Services Directory

HLISD is the most up-to-date source of contact details for all the SWIMS Network libraries and all other UK health libraries. It was redeveloped in early 2018, and the new site launched in March 2018. The new site continues to be developed and refined.

There are FAQs on searching and editing HLISD.
To search by library code on HLISD, click the More search options link, then enter the code into the Library code box. The results appear below the search box.

There is more information about HLISD and responsibilities for NHS-funded library service managers.

The HLISD Privacy Notice is available here.

If you would like to make suggestions about improving HLISD, please email David Law, HLISD Service Manager, at [email protected]

Editing HLISD library entries

HLISD editor guide (PDF)

Entries are linked to a named editor, or in fact a particular email address. The email address is used to log in. It may be a generic library email address. If your entry needs updating, please ask within your service to find out who has the login details.
There is an option to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Please consider the following when updating:

Do your best to ensure that the entry for your service includes all staff in your team (as a minimum, name, job role and email address, which can of course be the generic email address for your service).
Include directions to your LKS; information about where your library is situated on the site.
Networks – please select only the collaborative network(s) you belong to; for example please don’t include those in other regions of England in the INC scheme.
Document Supply Code(s) – add the codes for the ILL schemes your library subscribes to separated by a semi colon and put the network name in brackets afterwards, e.g. AAA (SWIMS Network); AAB (NULJ); AAC (PLCS). Include the network name even if you only belong to one network.

See also the FAQs on the HLISD website linked above.

For queries about editing, in the first instance please contact Fatima Almeda or Brenda Welbeck. This is if you need to change the local editor for your library entry, or delete an entry for a library, e.g because it has closed, or if you have queries about editing not covered above or in the FAQs.

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